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Find thousands of private number plates for sale at

Number Plate Auction

Number Plate Auction has been created to bring buyers and sellers of personalised number plates together quickly and easily. Unlike other auction sites that sell personalised number plates we manage the transfer of the registration mark. We complete all of the paperwork to ensure the successful legal transfer of the number plate and only transfer the money from buyer to seller when a successful transfer has been completed by DVLA Swansea. The process is simple and customer support is available over the telephone (0121 353 6666 : 9am - 5pm : Mon - Fri) and by Email


Buy Number Plates

To buy number plates Open An Account then click Buy Number Plates


Buy Number Plates Safely

Number Plate Auction allows you to buy personalised number plates with no risk. We manage the transfer of the registration number from the seller to your vehicle and do not pass your money to the seller until a legal transfer has been completed.


Paying for Number Plates

We accept all major credit cards and take cheques from UK banks.


Transfer Number Plates to Your Vehicle

We aim to transfer the number plate from the seller to your vehicle in less than three weeks. As a buyer you pay the auction or instant buy price plus £80.00 transfer to assign the number plate to your vehicle. Remember that you cannot put a newer number plate on an older vehicle. If in doubt check Number Plate Issue Dates


Sell Personalised Number Plates

To sell a personalised number plate Open An Account then List Your Number Plate


Control The Sale of Your Number Plate

With Number Plate Auction you are in control of how you sell your personalised number plates. Choose from 10, 20 or 30 day sale options on conventional auctions, instant buy sales or a combination of the two. Set your own reserve and Instant Buy price. You are in control.


Straight-Forward Fees

Our Number Plate Selling Fees are simple. We charge personal account holders £10 to list their number plate and 10% commission on the sale price.


Bid For Number Plates

Our proxy bidding system allows you to enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the number plate and let the system take care of bidding for you. Your proxy bid is totally confidential and the Number Plate Auction proxy system will only use as much of your bid as is necessary to secure the plate. When a number plate has an auction reserve price the proxy system will automatically increase the bid to match the reserve.




Live Auction

Number Plate Auction is live 24 hours a day 365 days a year. To view the current auctions click Buy Number Plates


Auction Fees

A full list of Number Plate Selling Fees is available together with Terms of Service


Personal Accounts

Open an Account - Free

List a number plate for sale - £10

Sellers Fee - 10% on sale price

Purchasers Fee - £80.00 transfer fee


Trade Accounts

Open an Account - £100

List a number plate for sale - Free

Sellers Fee - 10% on sale price

Purchasers Fee - £80.00 transfer fee




Number Plate Auction 

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