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Terms of Service


The Agreement

This agreement is a legal document that describes the terms and conditions that apply to your use of (“Number Plate Auction”, “the site”, “we”, “us”) and services offered by us. Number Plate Auction is a wholly owned subsidiary of Select Number Plates Ltd., Number Plate House, Streetly Wood, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. B74 3DQ. You must read and understand this agreement before registering with us and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. Number Plate Auction reserves the right to change this agreement without notice and post the amended version on the site.


Applicable Law

This agreement and all transactions shall be performed under English law and under the jurisdiction of courts in England and Wales.



You must be at least 18 years of age to use the site and either a citizen of United Kingdom or a resident of the UK and by using the site you confirm that you are. If you are registering as a business you agree that you have the authority to bind the business to this agreement.


User ID

You shall not allow any other person access to your User ID or password. You may not transfer or sell your User ID to any other person or business. You may not access the site using any other User ID.


Your Contact Details

You must ensure that all your contact details are continually updated and that you are contactable by both email and telephone.



As a seller you must ensure that you have the legal right to sell any registration marks (number plates) that you list on the site. All registration marks (number plates) listed must be correctly displayed and spaced in accordance with current regulations. In order to list a registration mark (number plate) you must be either the owner of the rights to the registration mark or have exclusive rights to the sale of the number plate.


Registration Mark Misrepresentation

It is an offence to incorrectly space and or misrepresent a registration Mark on a number plate. Failure to properly display a number plate may result in a fine and or the withdrawal of the right to said registration mark.


Vehicle Age

You can not use Registration Marks to make vehicles appear to be newer than they are. As an example a vehicle registered in June 1993 may not be assigned a Registration Mark that is newer than an L prefix style registration. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that the registration mark purchased is suitable for the recipient vehicle.


Purchasers Data Accuracy

The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the data entered. Number Plate Auction accepts no responsibility where the customer has provided inaccurate details.


Bids and Purchases

Buyers are obliged by law to honour any bids they make. Bids are only retractable if the seller has misrepresented the registration mark or does not have legal right to said mark.



Number Plate Action makes every effort to ensure that both buyers and sellers are authentic however this is not always possible. We accept no liability for loss or inconvenience caused by fake bids or listings.



Number Plate Auction offers no warranty. We do not guarantee access to the site nor the security of said access.


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